South Dakota Department of Revenue Property Tax Information Portal
Welcome to the South Dakota Property Tax Portal!

This portal provides an overview of the property tax system in South Dakota. The portal offers a tool that explains how local property tax rates are calculated, as well as quick access to property tax reports, data, resources, and laws.

Property taxes are the primary source of funding for school systems, counties, municipalities, and other units of local government. The state does not collect or spend any property tax money.

School districts in South Dakota are funded by state funds (state aid to education payments to schools) and local property taxpayer dollars. Through this partnership, increased state aid to education payments to schools is the state’s method of keeping local school property taxes as low as possible.

If you have questions on the assessed value of your property or need a copy of your assessment notice, contact your local County Director of Equalization.

If you have questions on your tax bill or need a copy of your tax bill, contact your local County Treasurer.

If you have questions about this portal or how to use the Property Tax Explainer Tool, contact the South Dakota Department of Revenue.